This Course is for You

  • You know you are a divine god being and take full responsibility for yourself as a creator.

  • You recognise that your mind is uniquely contributing to creation and you as that divine being absolutely affect reality.

  • You are interested in learning more about how creation works and what it means to be a responsible creator on all levels.

  • You understand how far the mind and thoughts can reach and affect humanity, Earth, and other dimensions, and you want to learn to extend that.

  • You feel connected to councils of thought / universal councils and want to understand more about your position in these divine guidance groups.

  • You are ready to truly recognise yourself as a great being capable of creating infinitely and know it is time to learn, discuss and share with others your unique contribution to life.

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What is the College of New Thought?

The College of New Thought

background and understandings

  • The College of New Thought is where you go when you want to know more about yourself as a creator in the design of all reality and how that works.

  • It is where equals come together to commune, to share, and to learn via the forerunners of thought that have gone ahead, including ourselves.

  • Each entity brings their own unique expression of self, their unique signature; joining with others in aspiring to bring new thought into realities.

  • Together we explore co-creation, individual creation, unique creation, and how in the infiniteness of life there is always room for new thought.

  • Integer Projects, Reflection Questions, Star Contemplations provide templates for expanding thought as we contribute to creation on Earth and beyond.

  • As you, in your divine wisdom consider each of the projects, you are applying your unique flavour, colour, hue, description signature to consciousness.

  • Once the integer projects are completed, they collate into dimensional magic. Volumes of great thought, references for entities in future and past times.

  • The discussion groups are powerful as each individual's contemplation brings wise and great knowledge, cohesively joined but uniquely represented.

  • A College of New Thought, a council of great minds coming together for an even greater whole, offering new expression to life on Earth and elsewhere.

School of New Thought

Children of the future now beyond forever

For children everywhere as empowered and inspired creators of their dreams and realities - the explorers, scientists, engineers, builders and designers of the future magnetised to new thought.
School of New Thought